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"A perfect combination of an open-minded personality and in-depth expertise in the automotive industry makes Claus Mueller a very power-packed source of knowledge when it comes to vintage & classic car rallies and automotive events. Not just this - very ardent and a veteran car enthusiast with an experience of over 30 years, he is an expert when it comes to networking in the industry.

Mueller is a believer of trying out new ways and codify automobile events to another level. Sharing his knowledge, experience and passion with all of us, we are very delighted & honoured to have him as an Ambassador to 21 Gun Salute Heritage & Cultural Trust."

Madan Mohan

Chairman & Managing Trustee

21 Gun Salute Heritage & Cultural Trust

"CM combines elements of culture with his passion for motoring. He has an innate ability to inspire through recollections of his experiences in the international motoring organisation. Most impressive is his courage to inspire others who lack the confidence to engage their enthusiasm through communication and a personal demeanor which facilitates camaraderie. It has been a pleasure thus far to work with CM, who is reliable, punctual and appropriate in diverse situations which has led him to collaborate with the international community through efficiency and style."

Dr Sanjay Mody MD MHSA (USA) BSc Hons (UK)

Medical Director

UK USA Dubai India Cayman Islands

"I can't speak highly enough about Claus. He's an incredibly talented writer-photographer, as well as a hands-on car guy. He has contributed to my new book, FORD TOTAL PERFORMANCE and heads up a satellite Sarasota Cafe Racers car guy lunch group in Germany. Great guy."

Martyn Schorr, Author, Editor,

PMPR, Inc., Public Relations & Marketing Agency

Sarasota, Florida, USA

"Claus Müller hat aufgrund seiner langjährigen Erfahrung im Klassiker Markt in Deutschland und seiner daraus erwachsenen Expertise eine wichtige Funktion im Redaktionsteam von OCTANE, dem Magazin für Autoklassiker & Sportwagen. Mit seiner guten Vernetzung innerhalb der Szene betreut er die Rubrik Marktplatz in jeder Ausgabe und berät Verlag und Redaktion in strategischen Fragen."

Sven Schrader

Geschäftsführer Premiummedia GmbH

Herausgeber OCTANE Deutschland

"Claus has always provided creative material content for The Motoring Journal on a timely basis. I have been very impressed with his photography, friendly attitude and knowledge of automobile history.

Claus has also written a wonderful children's story book "Ferdinand, The Little Red Tractor" which is very well done. I will continue to source Claus and his expertise for our European coverage of Automobile Events and Automobile History as well as event planning, and sourcing rare auto parts. He is an asset to the collector car world."

Chris Runge

Auto Obsessionist, Metal Shaper, Vintage European Car Consultant at